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The Next Level is Yours

Welcome to Careers Couture.  Just as high fashion evokes forward thinking and the unrivaled quality of the designer, so should your career. It’s an extension of you, your essence, your style, your life.  When you grow, your world expands.  Let your career goals expand with you.  See beyond and move forward.


Your Journey Continues

Designing a career that fits your style requires thought, exploration, understanding, strategy, a level of risk and boldness. Whether you’re new to the workforce or just ready for a change, we use proven self-assessment tools to help guide your career decision making process to assist you in selecting a career that’s a great fit.

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“Thank you for assisting me in finding a career path to match my skill set.   I now have a clearer path to move forward. Thank you again!” – Samuel I.


Personality Power

Your personality is powerful. It is multifaceted and creates dynamic energy systems from which human beings interact and function.

Through proven assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument we support career development and sustainability of individuals and organizations through the meaningful leverage of personality type.  Such self-awareness is invaluable in work, family, relationships, and life to help sustain retention, engagement, work-life balance and joy.

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Developing current and future leaders is essential to your bench strength, strategic engagement, sustainability and your bottom line. A comprehensive assessment of leadership competencies and skills is critical to maintaining an effective development program. The benefits of outsourcing the personality assessment segment of your program includes an increased level of impartiality, specialization, decreased overhead and decreased overall cost.

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Attend one of our in-depth one-day Career Design or Leadership Development seminars which include assessments and feedback to help attendees harness their strengths, identify blind spots, strategize and zero in on careers with an eagle-like focus. Gain a deeper understanding of your work style, communication style,  leadership style and more.  Get ready to take positive action and go for it.

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New Beginnings


Bold. Sleek. Determined. You’re the author of where you go next. A purpose driven network can be very beneficial to your next move. Attend one of our seminars to gain insights and grow your network.


The custodian of your success is you. Evolving with the times while leveraging your unique qualities and retaining a classic characteristic that never fades: Quality. You deserve the best. We’re here to help you be your best.


Making a living and making a life are not mutually exclusive. Your career and fulfillment should go hand-in-hand. Continuous development in a dynamic world is essential. Be prepared. Stay ready and go for it.

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